Last Baboon Standing

Let your money take an expedition and find the jungle treasure. It's a team work but not everybody can survive. You can always give up but after a while you can not rejoin to the mission!

Please connect your wallet first!

BOON Token Staking FAQs

⚖️ How can I stake?

You need to have BOON tokens to stake them. Simply click the "Stake" button, choose the amount you want to stake, and sign the transaction.

🔓 How many stakes can I have from one wallet?

One wallet can have only one stake at a time. This means that you cannot change the amount after staking. However, you can unstake and restake with the modified amount if you are still within the Last Call for Staking period.

🤝 How are rewards shared between stakers?

Rewards are dynamically calculated based on the total stake in the pool. The pool displays the total rewards, which are shared equally among the stakers. You only receive rewards if you stake your tokens for the entire expedition length. If you unstake early, your rewards will be redistributed among the remaining stakers. This gamified approach is why it's called "Last Baboon Standing."

🪙 How much will be my reward?

Rewards depend on the total stake in the pool. The pool always shows the total reward amount, and you will receive an equal share based on your stake. Your individual rewards are also shown in the pool under "Your Rewards."

⌛ How long can I stake my coins?

There is a "Last Call for Staking" timer in the pool. You can check it anytime to see how much time is left to stake.

⌚ How long does the staking period last?

The pool has an "Expedition Ends In" timer. Please check this timer to know the duration of the staking period.

🙈 When can I unstake?

You can unstake your tokens anytime. However, you cannot stake again after the "Last Call for Staking" timer ends.