Evolutionary Economics - Unpeeling the Layers of BoonCoin's Primal Economy!

Total Supply: 77,777,777,777 BOON

🤝 Team

Not a single banana leaf goes to the team! That's right, 0% of our precious tokens are squirreled away for the cheeky monkeys behind the scenes.

🍌 Presale

It's the grand opening of our jungle emporium! 45% of our bananas go into the Presale, ensuring a fair chance for every monkey to grab a bunch.

💦 Liquidity Pool

Dive into the jungle pool, where 40% of our bananas create a liquid oasis. We're making sure there's enough banana smoothie for everyone to sip on.

🎁 Airdrops, Giveaways

We're feeling generous! 2% of our bananas swing down from the trees in a flurry of airdrops and giveaways. Community, it's raining bananas – catch them while you can!


Planting the seeds of abundance! 2% of our bananas go into the farming fields, growing the next crop of BoonCoin goodness. Let the banana trees blossom!

🏰 Reserve

Building a fortress of opportunities! 5% of our bananas guard the reserve, ready to be unleashed for CEX listings, development leaps, and partnerships that make our jungle even more vibrant.

📢 Marketing

We're shouting our monkey business from the treetops! 5% of our bananas swing into marketing, spreading the word about BoonCoin like wildfire. Watch our jungle grow!

❤️ Donation

We've got heart, and so do you! 1% of our bananas is earmarked for donations - a gesture from us to make the world a better place. Join us in sharing the love!